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001- eCommerce Insights with Casper Lewis

by Nick Hughes

In the first of our Interview series with eCommerce Owners & Managers we spoke with Tim Casper from Casper Lewis. Established in 2005, Casper Lewis is a family owned and run business who specialise in the importation, distribution and manufacture of premium cosmetic products. Some of their products include Natural Mineral Makeup, Travel Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Organic Skincare & many more.

Nick @ Conversion UP: So Tim, outside of your awesome products, what are the 3 main factors that have lead to the success of the online E-Commerce store? (List in order of priority)

Tim @ Casper Lewis:

  1. Product being set up as an online product overseas for over 10 years initially provided a big opportunity– we have been able to sell the product in the same way locally and its original clients were already used to this method.
  2. Easy to use website is also vital, it doesn’t take long to sign up, log in and order.
  3. A third biggest factor has been on time shipping and cost of shipping. We ship same day or next day so the clients know that delivery will be fast and most often, free of charge with our free delivery over $100 policy. We also offer express shipping if required which is important for our commercial clientele who may need product in a hurry or even for those late to order their presents and gifts!

Nick @ Conversion UP: What do you predict your 3 biggest challenges will be in 2015?

Tim @ Casper Lewis:

  1. Currency. Ours products are imported from overseas so a drop in currency means the local price needs to be raised.
  2. The GST factor. Our clients can also buy the product from overseas (although they pay high shipping charges) but because GST isn’t charged on these orders, they can price competitively against us. At the end of the day, it means that as a company, we are absorbing the 10% cost of the GST and the Government is hampering local business, obviously not the intended purpose of this tax. It will be interesting to see what is done about this in 2015.
  3. Getting our message out is always a challenge. We have a very loyal group of Dinair followers but we want to tell more people about our product and how it can be used every day in everyone’s household. With every product trying to get in front of the public to draw attention, introducing our product to new people is still the challenge to grow the brand.

Nick @ Conversion UP: Tim can you list 3 techniques or strategies the business has implemented to increase the conversion rate of turning more visitors to sales?

Tim @ Casper Lewis: Sure.

  1. PayPal payment was added. At least half of our payments now are made through PayPal even with our secured credit card payment system being the other option.
  2. We’ve added videos. People can now see our product in use and this shows that the product works. It is much more appealing visually to watch a quick video demonstration rather than try and figure out in photos how our item will work.
  3. Bonuses are offered when possible. It might be extra product with a  purchase for example and this is our little encouragement to order straight away as well as our way of saying thankyou for doing so.

Nick @ Conversion UP: Tim thanks for sharing thoughts and insights in the eCommerce sector based on your expert opinion and experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Tim’s best seller the Dinair Airbrush Makeup check out his website 

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Nick Hughes

Nick loves working with people and has been in the Digital Space for over 6 years, in this time he has worked closely with over 400 different clients. His passionate about travelling, psychology, business & sports.

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