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6 words that will effect your conversion rate

by Nick Hughes

1. Value Proposition
This summaries in a short sentence all the benefits of taking action with you. What is the overall perceived benefit that you deliver in your customers mind?


Skype USP

2. Relevance
How succinct if your value proposition and the content on your page with what your visitors are expecting to see? How closely does your value proposition match your customers needs?


Value Proposition Example Evernote

3. Clarity
How clear are the most important conversion elements on your website? Such as your Value proposition, USP and call to action?



4. Anxiety
Are there certain elements on your website or elements missing from your website that create uncertainty in your customer’s mind?

Example of Certainty 

xero testimonals

5. Distraction
What is the first thing someone see’s on your page? Does it hurt or help your main goals? Is there anything that the page offers that is conflicting or off target with your main goal?

Example of a cluttered conflicting website


6. Urgency
Why should the visitors on your website take action immediately? What incentives, offers, tone and presentation will move them to take the right action immediately?

Example of an incentive with a strong CTA

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Nick Hughes

Nick loves working with people and has been in the Digital Space for over 6 years, in this time he has worked closely with over 400 different clients. His passionate about travelling, psychology, business & sports.

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