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First impressions count 0.5 seconds of the time

by Nick Hughes

It only takes 0.5 seconds for a website to make a first impression. That’s right, the brain is more productive than we may have imagined. So, what approaches are you taking to design the ultimate first impression for your visitors?

Are you fun, informative, sexy, trustworthy, conservative, approachable, corporate or what? How are you obviously different from your competition? Why should anyone call the number on your website, fill in your contact form or put one of your products in their shopping cart? Do you make a distinct push to communicate your difference through images, slogans, typography etc?

What about the predetermined beliefs they may already have about your industry. If you’re a removalist for example has the person who is about to click on your website already had a negative experience? Did they have something stolen or broken in their last move? and most importantly will your website communicate a trustworthy and professional persona in… 0.5 seconds?

Here is an example. Who are you going to feel more comfortable with moving your personal possessions?

Removalist Number 1

Good Example of a first impression

Removalist Number 2

Bad First Impression Example

Within 0.5 seconds you already made a first impression on both websites. Which website just felt better? If you’re like everyone in the ConversionUP office you unanimously agreed that you would rather Removalist 1 moving your personal possessions.

Let’s now look at an e-commerce example most of us have made at least one purchase online but if you are purchasing from a brand you have never heard of before that website needs to make a pretty good first impression agreed?

Phone Case Retailer 1

Poor first impression e-commerce example

Phone Case Retailer 2

Passable first impression example

Do you feel yourself leaning towards phone case retailer 2? The first impression someone gets when landing on your website could quite literally be for many businesses, especially e-commerce stores the difference between success and failure.

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Nick Hughes

Nick loves working with people and has been in the Digital Space for over 6 years, in this time he has worked closely with over 400 different clients. His passionate about travelling, psychology, business & sports.

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