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Increase your websites Conversion Rate by asking better Questions

by Nick Hughes

Instinctively most business owners and marketers look to the websites design and aesthetics and emotionally start making random changes to hopefully improve their websites conversion rate. Whilst design plays a huge role in increasing a websites conversion rate, design as a single factor is useless.

Questions are more valuable than answers

We are all aware that the answers we land upon are only as good as the questions that we first ask and what most business owners and marketers fail to do is ask the right questions that will ultimately lead to the uplift in conversion that they desire. Is the reason for this downfall that people working in the business are too close to the business? Is it that most business owners and marketers are not experts in conversion optimisation and user behaviour? Is it because they don’t spend the time extracting meaningful and actionable information from both qualitative and quantitative data? In reality it’s probably a mix of all of the above and more.

We often undervalue the ability to ask great questions

Humans often undervalue the ability to ask a simple yet powerful questions and overvalue a long winded answer stuffed with Jargon and non sense.

The only way to improve your websites conversion rate is to ask better questions. Questions about about why people buy from you, questions about how your visitors interact with your website, questions about what your visitors expect on your website etc.

Without powerful well thought out questions all of the secrets, tips, best practices and fancy designs will be worthless to your attempts in improving a websites conversion rate.

Ask better questions

With simple yet powerful and insightful questions you can begin to understand your customers wants, desires and needs with clarity. You can learn what makes your visitors anxious, fearful and agitated.

Better questions lead to AMAZING answers

Only once you have asked the right questions can you begin to create actionable answers. These answers often look very simple and basic but like an Iceberg people undervalue the underlying principles and it’s those principles that create amazing conversion uplifts.

For example only last week we had a client increase their conversion rate by 292.1% (Over an 8 week testing period). If you only looked at the conversion approaches (answers) that we made you would most likely significantly underestimate the outcome and value that was generated from the entire process from questions all the way to answers.

Improving your websites conversion rate is no different from improving anything important in life you first need to put in the work and this always starts with asking the right questions and searching for these answers in the right places.

If you’re now asking yourself what questions do I need to ask to improve our websites conversion rate? I’ll give you the answer…

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Nick Hughes

Nick loves working with people and has been in the Digital Space for over 6 years, in this time he has worked closely with over 400 different clients. His passionate about travelling, psychology, business & sports.