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What, Why & Who of Hosting / Server

by Grant Merriel

What is ‘Hosting / a Server':

  • A computer that is online 24/7 and connected to the world wide web 24/7
  • Commonly referred to as: ‘hosting’ or ‘a server’
  • Websites can have their own server but usually share a server with a few to a couple of hundred other website owners
  • Every website in the world MUST be renting space for their hosting
  • There will almost always be an application to connect to the server (most common are WHM / cPanel, Parallel / Plesk, ZPanel, etc)

Why do you need cPanel or Plesk or other Logins:

  • Provides us complete admin access to every file and database for your website
  • Allows us to very easily upload any analytics codes, design changes, conversion strategies, etc
  • Will allow us to do changes to your website throughout your entire campaign
  • Creates a very smooth process for us to be able to upload everything instantly
  • We will be making a backup of your website EVERY TIME before we do any coding changes
  • Backups will be done for BOTH sections of your website (database tables AND template files)
  • Any errors that are made, the backup can easily be loaded
  • This adds that extra step of security to ensure website is always working and not compromised

Who do I ask to get the logins, if I don’t have them?:

  1. Asking your web designer / web developer is probably the best option. This is just as easy as call them to ask if they currently host your website or even feel free to copy and paste the Email Template below and send it to them.
  2. Use an online automated tool like: that will try to reverse engineer the hosting company you are using
  3. Look for any hosting invoices who you are paying for or on automatic withdrawals. A simple way to approach this is to search through your business or accounting email for words such as “nameserver,” “hosting,” “server,” “host,” “account,” and “payment” to locate any potential invoice or support emails you received from your hosting company.
  4. If your developer is not hosting the site, if the automated tool cannot find it and there are no email invoices (we feel sorry for you) and as a last direction, try looking at your bank and credit card statements. Try using similar searches as outlined above.
  5. Still cannot find the hosting or server company? Please feel free to contact us at and we will run through the above steps to see if there is a missing link for you.

Hosting / Server Logins Request Email Template

Subject Line:

cPanel or Plesk Login Request Email | Your Domain Name

Email Template:

Hello Hosting Company Name,

I am the webmaster at the following domain: Your Domain Name

We have had your company host our website for quite a while (don't worry, we are still staying on with you) but we are looking to setup some tracking codes for Google Analytics, split testing, etc and the only way we can do this is by having access to the database and template files (as we will be taking back-ups of the entire site before the professionals set these up).

The logins should not just be FTP logins but instead access to the server, eg, cPanel or Plesk access, so we can make database backups.

In addition to this, I am more than happy to confirm that I am the owner of the account and am after the logins details to set all of these up.

Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you,
Your Name

Common Names / Types of Hosting Software:

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • ZPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • InterWorx


  • Do not just provide us with the FTP, because we cannot save a database backup. This creates a lot of issues and we will instantly contact you back with a request for server level access

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Grant Merriel

Being in the business and online space for more than 8+ years and advising to over 600+ businesses Grant has become to know a lot about conversions. When he is not working, he travels and attempts to do handstands.

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